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FinReg Innovative Solution

AML & Trade 
Surveillance Monitoring

FinReg Innovative Solution

FinReg Innovative Solution is an artificial intelligence-based tool that utilizes advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to detect trading risks, abnormal trades, money laundering, and suspicious activities.

Its risk-driven approach enables it to serve an all-round compliance function, including transaction monitoring, client due diligence, and lifecycle management. The tool provides real-time alerts to compliance teams, enabling them to take prompt action and mitigate potential risks.

Pros of FinReg Innovative Solution

Setting up the FinReg Innovative Solution is fast and flexible to fine-tune for your business.

False Alarms

90% Reduction

in False Alarms

Ongoing Monitoring

Ongoing Monitoring


Align with

SFC Regulatory Framework

What is FinReg Innovative Solution?

With big data analytics, it helps client to detect suspicious activities for AML and Trade Surveillance. The rule-based nature assures all rule sets are up-to-date in accordance with HKSFC regulatory frameworks.

FinReg Innovative Solution

How It Works?

How FinReg works
trade surveillance leaflet
trade surveillance leaflet
FinReg product sheet
FinReg Intro
Download Trade Surveillance Leaflet Sheet

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Download Trade Surveillance Product Sheet

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