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Client Master Data Management

Client Master
Data Management

FinReg KYC + Financial Solution

KYC+ is an all-in-one solution that formalises regulatory compliance, onboarding, ongoing monitoring, and risk ranking for financial institutions. It provides a comprehensive lifetime cycle review of the client, enabling data refreshes, ongoing due diligence, centralized data use for new regulatory obligations, and upsell/cross-sell opportunities.

Next Generation of KYC solution

- A central hub for Compliance & Operation

System Flow

 FinReg KYC+ Financial Solution

What We Do

 FinReg KYC+ Financial Solution
  • Automated Name Screening

  • Client-Onboarding Process Connection

  • Risking Ranking 

  • Ongoing Due Diligence

  • Ultimate Beneficial Owner

  • Centralised Client Master Management

Who Need Us?

 FinReg KYC+ Financial Solution

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