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FinRegCheck Financial Solution

Name Screening

FinRegCheck Financial Solution

With over 30 years in FinTech innovating, FinRegCheck is an automative solution offering pre-transaction name screening services for multi-industries. This system is a cost effective online name searching for client on-boarding and providing you with updated databases of PEP & Sanctions information. FinRegCheck can guide you to fulfill compliance requirements and comply with AML/CTF regulations. We offer free version of the system and you are invited to engaged with our latest innovations.

Stay Compliant Effortlessly with our Comprehensive Screening Solution.

Choose Your Best Plan

FinRegCheck & FinRegKYC+

Our Solutions For You

  • Online name searching for client onboarding

  • Customer ongoing name screening

  • Cost Effective

FinReg Solutions

On-going Monitoring Operation

On-going Monitoring Operation



Is This Free to use?

Yes, we have trial and free version, and they are both free of charge.


What do I need for FinRegCheck identity verification?

You need name card or personal ID for free version verification, name card or BR for standard version. You do not need any verification for trial version.


Do you have IT support for the use of FinRegCheck?

Yes, you may raise a ticket to our email:


Do I need to install software to my PC or mobile in order to use FinRegCheck?



Why I cannot find the results for some very well-known people that are being sanctioned?

FinRegCheck recognises manes that are published by the authorities, i.e., you need to type English name for screening if the sanction list of origin is English speaking country.


Where is the FinRegCheck server?

We are using Cloud server for FinRegCheck.

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